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Over the years we have discovered that our current strategy of sharing the latest breaking news along with mobile reviews and commentary is missing one key element: complete interaction with you, our fans. We want you to be a part of the fun, and not just reading our articles all day. Sure, we always encourage you to post comments on each article, but there hasn’t been any solid way to chat with us directly: asking questions, engaging in open debate, or even posting pictures of your latest gadget to show off. Until now.

We’ve recently set up the Unwired View Facebook page, and we definitely want you to check it out and become our fans! Be sure to drop by to visit, and while you’re there, click on that “Like” button. Then check out our YouTube video reviews, chime in on the Facebook chat discussion board topics, and make your voice heard!

On our Facebook page you can:

  • Start up a topic of discussion in our forums
  • Share links, articles, pictures — whatever you want to show off or chat about
  • Watch our latest YouTube videos
  • Read all of our latest breaking news stories, op-eds and reviews
  • Be ready for our giveaways!

It’s a work in progress; we’re going to be adding stuff continually, so keep a close eye out for new stuff coming in.

Also, if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to follow our Twitter!  I’ll be posting updates from the CES floor next week, so by following us you’ll be sure to see and hear the latest at CES.

We’ll see you on Facebook!

Author: Brad Molen

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