Samsung plans to become No.1 in mobile, replacing Nokia in 3 years

Samsung is aiming to become the No.1 mobile phone manufacturer in the world. That position is currently being held by Nokia, and Samsung plans to outpace Nokia in mobile phone sales in three years’ time. Samsung officials have said that to accomplish this, the next 12 months will be very important.

Samsung intends for smartphones and other ‘premium products’ to account for more than half of all its mobile phone production targets in the future.

Samsung plans to increase the percentage of phones it manufactures in China and Vietnam next year, along with increasing its market share in those two developing nations. Samsung is very optimistic about those two countries helping exponentially grow its mobile device shipments as their respective markets will have increasing demand for tablets and smartphones in 2011.

Samsung’s three factories in China will account for 60% of its total production, the one in Vietnam is expected to take up 15%, their Brazil factory will push out 6% of their total production, while the one in India will manufacture 5% of the total Samsung phones next year.

In South Korea, its home country, Samsung will still make 14% of its phones, but focusing only on the higher-end devices.

In its fight against Nokia, one of Samsung’s advantages is the sheer size of its parent group, and the fact that it can manufacture crucial components such as displays, processors, and memory chips, in-house, controlling costs and time-to-market way more efficiently than any of its competitors will be able to.

Via The Korea Times

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Cyber Dazzle

    This is very ambitious plan by Samsung, they really have to improve their mobile phone products, and a very effective marketing campaign can enable them to compete with world leader Nokia.

  • Anonymous

    Haha… that will never happen. Thats an impossible feat

  • Domi1974

    Vrutul este liber

  • Anonymous

    Samsung as ambitious as ever. Competition is good for us all.

  • Kazik

    I really believe Samsung will succeed. They are the wave now, big incomes and growing shares in different branches (TV, LCD displays, HDD, memory chips!). This is a giant. But for me Nokia has an advantage – Samsung makes most (maybe all) phones in Far East (Korea or China), and Nokia has also factories in Europe (Finland, Romania, Hungary), Brazil and other countries. (look at

  • Ralph

    Samsung needs to improve the speed at which they update Android, I own a Galaxy S and it is at 2.1, not very good if they want to be leaders.. If they don’t improve my next phone will be a HTC