Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.2 Froyo update delayed indefinitely

Last week we published a leaked internal memo from Sprint’s systems that said in no uncertain terms that the update to Android 2.2 Froyo for the Samsung Epic 4G would begin on December 26 – this past Sunday.

Needless to say, that didn’t happen. And, rightfully, some of you wondered in the comments of that post what was going on.

Well, apparently the update has been delayed. What could possibly be even worse than that? There’s no ETA on when it will be out.

All signs at this point seem to indicate a January release, but there’s not much actual official evidence to back that claim up.

So the Galaxy S Froyo update debacle keeps on giving, it seems. Perhaps owners of Samsung’s flagship smartphones will have more luck with updates to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Or maybe Samsung will release the Galaxy S 2 in a month or two, and forget about the original Galaxy S line completely. We’ll see. Until we do, it’s back to patiently waiting, if you have an Epic 4G.

Via BriefMobile Via Ubergizmo

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Marcelo L

    Welcome to the Behold II debacle version 2.0 ! Samsung in it’s infinite wisdom succeeds on pulling another “We’ll wirelessly update you to……when it’s available”.

    At least this time they didn’t post a video of it on YouTube that they now have to back pedal ( or ..gasp…have forceably removed due to dmca(!) from the InterWebs ). Hopefully more of the media will take them to task on this, because not only did they weaken out of releasing an Android 2.x release for the Behold II, they didn’t even release the source for the chincy 1.6 release they pushed through TMobile. As of this moment, I’d say that puts them in violation of the GPL.

    Good hardware, Samsung. Now maybe if someone in your Software Development organization had some backbone to DO THE RIGHT THING.

    Hopefully now people will get a clue, and hold Samsung’s feet to the fire.

  • Fredo

    You said it all. I can’t FUCKING BELIEVE THIS SHIT! Kiss my ass samsung, I’m jumping ship to HTC.

  • Tn_outside2003

    Phone is GREAT with 2.1. We are not talking about version 3 here. Goodness. It is a minor upgrade. And if it is that big of a deal to you then root your phone and upgrade it. The file is all over the Interwebs.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RLONMNIRBMVWNIC3WYHVOVBWDI Mike

    Replying to Fredo

    My god you are a friggen baby! I can see you jumping up and down stomping your feet.! WAAAA I cant get my way! STFU moron

  • Samsung_slow

    speed increase, apps on sd is all i want….and i guess rooting is way to go at this point to get 2.2 on the EPIC…. the phone is great already but i want these extra features…

    2.2 will prob be relased in Mar’11 is my guess.

  • Tony

    I got the FROYO.DK28 build off the net and loaded it into my Sprint Epic weeks ago.

    It seems to work just fine. The main reason I wanted it was to get Skype working, and it does.

  • Danny
  • http://twitter.com/mykie242 mykie Gunderson

    I’ve got 2.2.1 and EXT4 running on my Epic, and it flies.

    I doubt a stock rom could ever even touch the performance and speed I get out of this phone.

    Samsung should just release the source code for the drivers and get the drama over with.

  • South1865

    It is pitiful service like this that took me away from palm after 15yrs and now the same junk from Samsung.