Samsung Focus, LG Quantum Now $99.99 at AT&T

The bad news is that the Buy One Get One Free deal for Windows Phones on AT&T is over. The good news is, if you only wanted one instead of two anyways, it’s now a cool hundie less at AT&T stores and on the official website. Right now you can get the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum for $99.99 (sadly, no love for the HTC Surround as of yet).

We haven’t been told how long this will last, but if you are in the market for a Windows Phone this is going to be a great opportunity to jump on.

Even better news is on the AT&T website you can also get free activation and shipping.

The best news of all? Amazon still sells both phones for one penny.

Check out the Samsung Focus Windows Phone at Amazon for $.01

Get the LG Quantum on Amazon for $.01

Author: Brad Molen

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