Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab now only $499.99, comes with $60 credit for movie rentals

Ahead of its possible Android Honeycomb-powered tablet launches during CES, Verizon has decided to cut a cool $100 off of the price of the only Android tablet it’s currently selling – the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

As such, the Galaxy Tab can now be yours for $499.99. What’s more, you’ll also be getting $60 as credit for movie rentals, from either Blockbuster or Samsung’s Media Hub.

Also, anyone who has purchased a Galaxy Tab during the last two weeks of 2010 for the previous price of $599.99 can head back to the store they got it from and they will be given a refund of $100.

Even at this price though, Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab is still $100 more expensive than Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s contract offerings, and with the imminent onslaught of Android tablets that will be announced at CES, it may be better to refrain from taking advantage of this offer.

Still, if you absolutely must have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and must have it on Verizon, they do have a deal that’s a lot sweeter than what they were offering just a few days ago.

Via Droid-Life

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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