AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G with 4.5 inch display and Android announced

AT&T has just announced its first 4G  smartphone, which doesn’t come from HTC, as expected, but from Samsung.

Called Samsung Infuse 4G (mode number SGH-i997), the new handset runs Android (2.2 at the moment) and comes with a huge 4.5 inch Super AMOLED display – yup, it’s bigger than the screens of Motorola Droid X and HTC Evo 4G.

The display is, in fact, not simply Super AMOLED, it’s Super AMOLED Plus, which “features 50% more sub-pixels for better contrast and outdoor readability.”

Like the LG Optimus Black (also announced at CES 2011 just a few hours ago), the new Samsung smartphone is really thin.

Powered by a 1.2GHz application processor, the Samsung Infuse 4G features an 8MP photo camera, and a 1.3MP front-facing camera for video calling. It will be exclusively offered by AT&T in the US. We don’t know when and for what price, but we’ll provide more details as soon as we have ’em.

Via Press release

Author: Florin

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  • Dbarer01

    details are sketchy photo clearly shows it running 2.1 not 2.2 and with the recent ongoing problems with samsungs inabbility to release updates in a timly manner with the carriers i hope this goes no where and all the frustrations of galaxy s users back fire in samsungs face