AT&T iPhone 3GS only $49 as of tomorrow. Verizon iPhone launch inevitable?

AT&T has just announced that, starting tomorrow, January 7, it will be selling the iPhone 3GS for only $49 on contract (to both new and upgrade-eligible existing customers). That’s $50 less than the smarptohne’s current price on AT&T ($99).

What could this mean? Well, apart from the fact that more customers will afford to get an iPhone (not an iPhone 4, but still), it could – and probably does – mean AT&T is getting ready for the all-but-confirmed iPhone launch via Verizon Wireless.

If previous rumors are to be believed, Apple and Verizon might launch a CDMA iPhone this quarter, so AT&T doesn’t have too much time left to tie new iPhone customers in new 2-yr contract deals.

AT&T didn’t say anything about the iPhone 4 pricing, so this won’t be affected – well, at least not for the moment.

Via Press release

Author: Florin

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