Samsung Galaxy S2 to feature Super AMOLED Plus display. LG readying sub-$200 smartphones for MWC 2011

Since it plans to sell more than 60 million smartphones this year, Samsung needs to introduce at least one true successor to the Galaxy S (launched last summer and sold in more than 10 million units around the world).

The successor might be the Samsung Galaxy S2 – we’ve previously heard that it would feature a dual-core processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Now Etnews is reporting that the new Galaxy S will come with a Super AMOLED Plus display. This does makes sense, since Samsung’s new smartphones announced at CES last week (Infuse 4G and 4G LTE) both have Super AMOLED Plus displays.

Like the Google Nexus S, the Galaxy S2 will also have support for NFC.

It’s still not clear if the new Galaxy will have the model number i9100, i9200, or something else. We should find out more at MWC 2011 next month, when the handset is expected to be officially announced. Until then, here is what the Galaxy S2 supposedly looks like (although this is a rather old photo, so things may have changed in the meantime):

LG will also be present at MWC. Reportedly, one of the products that LG will announce is an ultra-cheap smartphone that should cost less than $200. There aren’t any details about it, but the smartphone will likely run Android.

LG Optimus One (the company’s best-selling smartphone) currently costs $250-$300, depending on the country you’re buying it from.

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