Samsung Vibrant 4G to hit T-Mobile with Android 2.2, front-facing camera

Currently available at T-Mobile USA for $99.99 on contract, the Samsung Vibrant is about to get an upgraded successor, which, apparently, will be called Samsung Vibrant 4G.

Needless to say, the new Vibrant will support T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, providing download speeds of up to 21Mbps.

The Vibrant 4G will also feature a front-facing camera for video calling via Qik, and Android 2.2 Froyo (unlike the old Vibrant, which still runs Android 2.1).

TmoNews has some leaked images that present the new Vibrant:

As you can see in the document above, the original Vibrant was sold in almost 1 million units.

There’s no word on when exactly T-Mobile will launch the Vibrant 4G.

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    Samsung can keep its 4g Vibrant and any other device they offer, it probably will never see Gingerbread, and if does it will probably be when the rest of the phones have Ice Cream.

    So no, regardless of what Samsung has to offer, and T Mobile for that matter. They can keep their Vibrant. I would prefer an Atrix combination of PC and Phone. As it would suit my needs.

    The lack of a dual core processor, renders this new Vibrant as OLD technology.
    The lack of a Flash is just unforgivable.
    The fact its a Samsung device, renders it as a useless device that will lack upgrades.

    T Mobile, you should understand, most current Samsung owners will not trust Samsung again. If you keep on making deals with Samsung and providing useless phones, you only will lose customers. Because of your service most of us have stayed. Though we are NOT interested in Samsung products, to make it interesting, you would have to offer it very cheap, FREE! and without the need for a contract, then maybe we could consider trying it.

    Samsung hasn’t gotten the message, very few would consider a Samsung device again. I hope Samsung takes note, cause they have really made a mess of their reputation.

    The fact that the Vibrant 4G carries a Samsung logo just sais a lot…. its a USELESS device and we don’t want it.

    To Samsung, if you want customers to consider your phones, you need to give them away for free, provide all updates in a timely manner for at least a year. If you fail to do this, even if you include gold in your offering, very few US customers will ever consider buying a Samsung phone again.

  • Anonymous

  • PatrickAupperle

    I will never buy another samsung product (phones, tvs, computers, projectors, etc) unless they give my vibrant 2.2 soon and 2.3 eventually. If they can get me to 2.3, I will forgive them for the long wait. I will not forgive them if I do not get 2.3 because 2.2 was promised me when I bought the phone. Delivering on promises does not do me any favors.

  • bcily

    It comes out on the 23rd of Feb and will have Android 2.3 before the summer….just be patient. =)

  • Dbob1949

    Why would anyone buy Samsung – I have learned my lesson. Having been promised an upgrade to 2.2 when I purchased my Vibrant this Summer, still waiting with no communication from Samsung or T-Mobile. T-Mobile can text me that my bill is ready, but they can’t communicate about the delay to 2.2? It is apparent from my research (to late for me) that Samsung is known to suck in customer support. It unfortunately that T-Mobile is starting to go down the same path. I will never buy another Samsung product and will leave T-Mobile as soon as I can.