T-Mobile Dell Streak 7 may launch on February 2

The Dell Streak 7 will be the first ‘4G’ (read:HSPA+) tablet that T-Mobile will release. That much is clear from their promo materials. The Streak 7 was announced during CES, and back then we found out all its specs, but not its release date.

Now a leaked T-Mobile document apparently shows that the date will be February 2. According to TmoNews, the circled bit in the image below holds that information.

Of course, T-Mobile is also prepping to launch another Android-powered tablet, the LG G-Slate, and that will also support T-Mobile’s flavor of 4G. But it now looks clear that the G-Slate will be the second 4G tablet to hit T-Mobile, and the Streak 7 will be the first – possibly becoming available on February 2.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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