T-Mobile to launch the Samsung Vibrant 4G on February 23

The Samsung Vibrant 4G, of which we first heard about last week, might become available at T-Mobile USA starting next month.

According to TmoNews, the fourth largest US mobile carrier plans to launch the new Vibrant on February 23.

The Vibrant 4G looks like the original Vibrant, but it comes with Android 2.2, a front-facing camera for video calling, and support for T-Mo’s HSPA+ network.

There’s no word yet on the new smartphone’s price, but it could be $199 on contract (the old Vibrant currently costs $99.99 on contract).

An unannounced Samsung T529 Sienna also appears in the document above. It should be released by T-Mobile on February 9. We don’t have any other details on this phone at the moment.

Author: Florin

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  • Jazzyone32

    This is so wrong, I purchased my Vibrant in October at the recommendation of a T-Mobile store manager who told me that this phone would operate on a 4G network AND have a front facing camera. I am STILL awaiting my 2.2 update, my front facing camera doesn’t work and of course I do not have the update to the 4G network, aside from the other issues that I have been experiencing like crashing, freezing, force closes (and the list goes on). Someone needs to make this right either T-Mobile or Samsung…