Sprint raises unlimited smartphone data plan cost by $10

Sprint has decided that smartphone users should pay more for their data plans. So, starting on January 30, new activations of smartphones will incur an add-on charge of $10 per month for Premium Data.

Don’t let the name fool you though, for you won’t be getting anything different than before. It’s just that Sprint has conducted some research that showed that smartphone users use ten times more data than featurephone owners. And subsequently it seems to have decided that smartphone users should pay more for it too.

The good news is that existing Sprint smartphones will be ‘grandfathered in’, meaning that their owners won’t have to pay $10 per month more for data, at least until they require a contract change, when the new fee will apply to them too.

The Premium Data add-on fee isn’t new, as it’s been applied to owners of ‘4G’ Sprint smartphones before, and was referred to as ‘the 4G tax’. But now, it will apply to all new smartphone activations.

Via Sprint

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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