T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant Android 2.2 Froyo update starts tomorrow

The day when T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant will get Android 2.2 Froyo is almost here. T-Mobile has announced that the update will begin rolling out tomorrow, January 21. As usual with these things, the roll out will happen in stages, and so it will take a few weeks for the update to reach all those who own a Vibrant. However, the method by which this update will get to Vibrant owners wasn’t detailed. Given the staggered rollout, we must assume it will come over-the-air, but in that case it would be the first Galaxy S update to do so – all updates to other versions of Samsung’s ubiquitous smartphone line have come via their desktop software called Kies.

This is the first of the Galaxy S phones sold in the US by various carriers under various names to get updated to Android 2.2. T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, Cole Brodman, has told PCMag that the reason for the update taking so long to get to the Vibrant was purely technical. Apparently, Samsung gave the update to T-Mobile in November, at which point TMo started to test it and to add to it some specific bits, such as their skins and Wi-Fi calling. The holidays made the process take quite a while, and now it’s finally ready, two months after Samsung shipped it.

Brodman acknowledged that they aren’t used to their customers demanding regular updates, and said that they’re working on changing the way they do things in this regard. They expect that, from now on, all Android updates will arrive within 3-5 months after Google has made the new version public. Which certainly is good news for T-Mobile customers. Sure, they could commit to getting those updates on your phones quicker, but at least they openly plan on updating them.

US Cellular’s version of the Galaxy S, the Samsung Mesmerize, is reported to be getting updated to Android 2.2 in March, while no new information has surfaced about when the other US Galaxy S phones will receive their taste of Froyo.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Derail Doax

    Haha! “customers demanding regular updates is a new concept to T-mobile” that’s because they haven’t been listening for years. I don’t believe this crock of shit anyways, the Cliq XT still is on 1.5 *9* months after I bought it, at that time they said 2.1 was going to be out that quarter. Luckily I sold that thing back in September. Until they actually make it happen I will still consider them liars.

  • skeptic

    Is there anybody out there who has gotten their official update from t-mobile yet? Please let me know. Because i just chatted with a t-mobile agent today and this is what I got:

    “_James C: After checking I do not show that the update for the Samsung Vibrant to the Android 2.2 software has been released yet. That is being rolled out to our customers that have the MyTouch 1.2 though. So at this time we do not have any information about when that update will be rolled out for the Vibrant.”

    Please tell me this person does not know what he’s talking about. Tell me t-mobile didn’t lie to us.