HTC Q4 2010 results: 9.1 million smartphones shipped. 163% YoY growth. Live CC coverage

It’s now that fun time we get every three months, called the earnings season.

It’s the time when companies start reporting their numbers and we get the idea of how they did during the last 90 days. This month it’s even more fun since they are also reporting the results for all of the 2010.

Sony Ericsson were the first on stage. They did pretty well in 2010, all things considered and promised to do better this year.

Now it’s HTC’s turn, and they did great.

During 2010 HTC more then doubled their smartphone shipments to  24.6 million units, compared to 11.7 million shipped in 2009. Their revenue grew 93% YoY to $7 billion. Profits increased 75% to $1.3 billion. And Q4 2010 was even more impressive for HTC, with smartphone shipments growing 163% to 9.1 million units.

HTC has an earnings conference call coming up in a few minutes and we’ll be covering it live to get more details behind these numbers.

HTC Q4 earnings presentation pdf

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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