Apple iPad finally arrives in India on January 28

Apple has plans to finally bring the original iPad to India, just when the tech rumor mill is getting more and more filled with news about the upcoming iPad 2. Make of that what you wish, but the iPad is going to become available in India this Friday, on January 28. It will only be sold by Apple Premium Retailers.

Both the Wi-Fi-only and the Wi-Fi+3G versions of the iPad will be available. The Wi-Fi-only iPad will start at Rs. 26,000 (approximately $570 or EUR 420), surprisingly cheap for Apple’s device, which is usually much more expensive outside the US. The 16 GB Wi-Fi version will cost that, and the 32 GB and 64 GB versions will be available too, the latter going for Rs. 37,000 (approximately $819 and EUR 598).

The 3G iPad will be priced at Rs. 33,000 (approximately $724 and EUR 533) for the 16 GB model, and Rs. 44,000 (approximately $965 and EUR 711) for the 64 GB model. The 32 GB 3G iPad will also be available, its price isn’t known at this time but will clearly fall in between the other two.

Since about nine months have passed between the official unveiling of the iPad and its availability in India, it remains to be seen how fast the iPad 2 will make it there. But, for now, Indians can rejoice – there’s going to be an official (and quite cheap) way to get Apple’s iPad in India.

As for the iPhone 4, no word as of yet.

Via The Telegraph India Via FoneArena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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