Nokia MeeGo tablet leaked?

It’s not the first time we’re seeing a MeeGo tablet, but it is the first time a tablet that runs MeeGo shows up with Nokia’s logo on it.

Apparently, the photo of the new tablet (seen below) has initially appeared over at – which would mean it is an official Nokia device.

Unfortunately, there are absolutely no details on the tablet’s features. Screen size, screen resolution, CPU power, internal memory – all these remain a mystery for now.

What we can see in the photo, though, is that the tablet doesn’t seem to have any front-facing camera.

Of course, this could be just a prototype that may never be released.

In any case, I’m almost sure that Nokia will introduce a MeeGo tablet this year. We could even see it at MWC 2011, where the Nokia N9 MeeGo smartphone is also expected to be announced. More on this as soon as new info shows up.

Via Mobile-review forums, Twitter

Author: Florin

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