Facebook cloud phone features detailed

This is the day of Facebook phone-related rumors, it seems. Earlier, we reported on HTC supposedly readying two Facebook-branded, Android-powered smartphones for Mobile World Congress. And now, BGR has got hold of some other information about what seems to be a Facebook phone. A person that claims to be in a focus group for said phone has leaked some of its unique features. So, without further ado, here they are.

The Facebook phone will have location-aware coupons. You pick some main categories of interest, and then, when you’re near any store that fits in any of those categories, coupons are automatically pushed to your phone.

An always-on GPS service will run in the background and automatically check you into locations, allowing you (or, this being Facebook, perhaps outright imposing on you) to share these with your friends.

The phone will have very little local storage space, relying almost exclusively on ‘the cloud’ for everything. Contacts, media, data – all will be always synced with the cloud.

The phone will have a camera, and all the pictures you take will be automatically uploaded to the cloud (presumably to Facebook if this is a Facebook phone).

The Facebook phone will also have a news ticker-style notification system that will show you message content as it’s delivered, regardless of message type. All the messages (presumably text messages, Facebook messages, IMs, etc.) will make it into one inbox, where they will be sortable by type, but initially unfiltered.

The Facebook phone is starting to look like the successor, in the mobile rumor world, to the Apple phone (finally confirmed after years of speculation), and the Google phone (that resulted in an OS also years after the first rumor surfaced). Let’s hope the Facebook phone gets to market sooner than those previous things did. If not, we’ll just have to feed your Facebook phone appetite with rumor after rumor. We’ll see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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