Half of all Samsung mobile processors will go to Apple this year

Samsung is going to quadruple its shipments of mobile application processors to Apple, its No.1 rival in the smartphone space. In a move that only makes sense once you understand how utterly gigantic a corporation like Samsung is and how many different divisions it’s comprised of, they may be ending up shipping more processors to Apple than using for their own smartphones and tablets. Let me just say that again. Samsung’s semiconductor division will give Apple more processors this year than it will give Samsung’s mobile division.

In 2010, Samsung shipped about 5,000 AP sheets per month to Apple, and this number will increase to 20,000 per month throughout this year. The value of the contract is unknown as of yet.

This information has been confirmed by two different industry sources. Samsung officials have declined to comment.

Samsung’s semiconductor division delivers mobile APs from its factory outside Seoul in South Korea right now, but it’s apparently planning on investing $3.6 billion in building a new factory in Austin, Texas, USA. Processors for Apple may be the majority of the semiconductors that this factory will produce.

Via The Korea Times

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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