Samsung Galaxy Tab sales hit 2 million units

While readying the launch of the new Galaxy Tab 2 Android tablet, Samsung has announced that the first-generation Tab has been sold in more than 2 million units around the world – three months after launch, and almost two months after passing the 1 million units sold mark.

The Galaxy Tab is currently available in 94 countries, via about 200 mobile carriers.

According to Yonhap News, around 500,000 Galaxy tabs were sold in Europe, 350,000 in North America, and 330,000 in Asia.

The Galaxy Tab is surely the world’s best selling Android tablet. However, it comes nowhere near Apple’s iPad, sold in 7.3 million units between October and December.

Since tablets have become somewhat of a trend now, the Galaxy Tab 2 should be even more successful than the current model. We’ll see the new Tab at MWC 2011 next month.

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    2 million is not shabby at all, Ipad sold 4.1 million in quarter 1. I wonder where this leaves microsoft though

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