Samsung-made T-Mobile Sidekick 4G spotted in photos?

Earlier this month, T-Mobile confirmed that it would launch a new Sidekick 4G smartphone, alongside a new Galaxy S 4G.

If the photos seen below show the real Sidekick 4G, it means the handset is made by Samsung, too – just like the Galaxy S. Previous Sidekick models were manufactured by either Sharp, or Motorola.

TmoNews, which obtained the photos from an undisclosed source, has it that the Samsung Sidekick 4G runs Android 2.2.1. The smartphone’s display (of unknown resolution) unveils a pretty nice QWERTY keyboard that even has a magenta-colored Shift key.

Samsung, T-Mobile, and Sidekick logos can be seen on the back.

There’s no word on when T-Mobile and Samsung intend to launch the Sidekick, but it will probably happen after the Galaxy S 4G hits the market (February 23). More info as we get it.

Author: Florin

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