New BlackBerry Bold Touch Montana, Curve Touch and Monaco Touch pictured

As we’ve said before (not just once), new BlackBerry smartphones are about to be announced this year – which, of course, is not at all a surprise.

We’ve already talked about the BlackBerry Torch 2, BlackBerry Storm 3, BlackBerry Dakota, and BlackBerry Sedona.

Now, new info about RIM’s upcoming smartphones has been uncovered.

According to CrackBerry, the CDMA version of the BlackBerry Dakota is called BlackBerry Bold Touch Montana (they do look similar, that’s true).

The Bold Touch Montana is presented as the thinnest BlackBerry ever (10.5mm). It features CDMA / EvDo and GSM / UMTS connectivity, a 2.8 inch VGA capacitive touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, NFC, 5MP camera with HD video recording, 768MB RAM, 8GB of internal memory, and a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor.

CrackBerry also has it that the device we’ve seen as the Storm 3 is, in fact, called BlackBerry Curve Touch. As you can see in the image below, the Curve Touch should have a 3.25 inch VGA display, Wi-Fi, NFC, 5MP camera with HD video, 512MB RAM, and an 800MHz processor.

A previously unseen smartphone is the BlackBerry Monaco Touch. It has no hardware keyboard and a 3.7 inch WVGA display, while the rest of the features are pretty much similar to the ones of the Bold Touch.

You can find more info on RIM’s upcoming (and yet unannounced) smartphones – as well as on BlackBerry OS 6.1 – here at CrackBerry.

Author: Florin

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