BlackBerry Curve Sedona headed to Verizon

BlackBerry Sedona, the next-generation Curve smartphone that should be launched sometime in the second half of the year, has appeared in a batch of new photos, which kind or confirm that Verizon Wireless will launch it in the US.

Of course, since the Sedona is a CDMA smartphone, we do expect it to hit either Verizon, or Sprint (or maybe both).

The Verizon branding, although not visible on the handset’s case, shows up when the Sedona is turned on:

The features of the new smartphone include a 480 x 360 display, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, 5MP camera, 800MHz processor, and a version of BlackBerry OS 6.1 that’s called “Lite” (probably meaning it’s not for touchscreen devices).

Since “Sedona” is only a codename, the final name of this unannounced Berry will likely be different. Let’s hope more info will be unveiled soon.

Via N4BB

Author: Florin

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