LG Optimus 3D live image leaks

As Mobile World Congress is even closer this week than it was last week, we are beginning to see new leaks pop up all over the place. Last week, we found out that LG was reportedly prepping a phone with a 3D display to be unveiled during their MWC event on February 14. This phone was seen on a Dutch retailer’s site for a blink of an eye before being pulled. Furthermore, LG itself has sent invites to the MWC event strongly hinting at a 3D-capable device.

But that was last week. Today we have the first ever live image of the LG Optimus 3D. At least if we believe Phandroid‘s source, who claims this is what the picture below shows.

And that’s about it. All the rest here is speculation. The display will probably be of the auto-stereoscopic variety, because no one in their right mind would use 3D glasses to look at their phone.

The display size, according to the leaker, is more than 4 inches, and by the looks of it, may even be 4.3. The smartphone will also reportedly have a dual-core processor and multi-channel RAM. And as you can see in the picture, a front-facing camera is also present, as is the case with all recent Android smartphones.

Obviously, the Optimus 3D will run some version of Android. Let’s hope it will be Gingerbread. We’ll surely find out soon enough.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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