Motorola i1Q shows up, it’s like an iDEN Droid Pro

Remember the Motorola Droid Pro? Of course you do, it was launched by Verizon just a few months ago. Anyway, it looks like Motorola has another Android smartphone similar to it, meaning that it features a touchscreen display and full QWERTY keyboard below.

Said smartphone is called Motorola i1Q and it has appeared in a couple of hands-on photos over at GrupoAndroid (website from Argentina).

The i1Q has the Nextel logo on the back, thus it’s an iDEN handset. Reportedly, the new smartphone runs Android 2.1 and is powered by a “not very powerful” processor.

Since Nextel offers services not only in Argentina, but also in other Latin American markets, the Motorola i1Q will likely be available there. It could also be released by Sprint in the US, but there’s nothing official about this at the moment.

The i1Q is Motorola’s second iDEN Android smartphone, after the Moto i1, which was launched last year.

Author: Florin

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