Want to write for us? Unwired View is hiring!

Unwired View is hiring. We are looking for a number of a talented writers to join UV team and expand our coverage.

If you are passionate about mobile tech, good at finding interesting news, have strong, well argued opinions and know how to write well, we are looking for:

U.S. Editor (s ). Preferably based in or near San Francisco and/or New York,  ready to attend mobile events there at a moment’s notice. Doing news and reviews in the meantime. If you can write a good op-ed about the events of the day/week/month – they are welcome too.

European editor. Based in or near London and ready to attend all the events there at a moment’s notice. Doing news and reviews in the meantime. If you can do a good op-ed – even better. Based in or near Amsterdam is also a possibility, but we really prefer London.

Asian editor. Preferably based in Taipei. To follow Chinese business press, tech/mobile sites and forums in native language, find  and report news that are interesting to UV audience, before we here in Europe and U.S. even wake up.

Weekend editor. To make sure news flow on UV does not stop on weekends. You can contribute on weekdays,  must post on weekends and holidays.

Op-ed/feature contributors. With great understanding and strong opinions  about things happening in mobile for opinion pieces. Mobile gadget enthusiasts wringing the last ounce of performance from their latest  jailbroken device with customs ROMs, overclocked CPUs, hacks and non-traditional  apps – to write Feature articles  and “How-to” guides. And more- if you have an idea for a feature or op-ed that you think is good fit for UV – be sure to drop us a note.

News-hound. A person to scour the net for latest mobile news. Looking in all traditional and non traditional places like FCC, various patent and trademark databases, certification sites, popular forums, following twitter streams, regularly checking global and local vendor sites in multiple languages, etc; digging out news gems buried in a flood of info on the web, before anyone else notices.  Since you won’t be writing for us, just sending links, only basic English writing skills necessary. But we are pretty good at finding news ourselves, so you’ll have to impress with an application, for us to take notice.

To apply, send us an e-mail with:

  • a little bit about yourself – who you are, where you live, why you want and think you can write for us.
  • position you are applying for
  • no. of hours (per day/week) you are ready/can spend writing for UV,and times of day when you will be able to write
  • any questions you have about the position
  • for news editors: write and submit 3 posts that you think will be a good fit to be published on UV, on important/interesting news bits on the day of submission. The pics are not necessary – we are interested in your writing skills.
  • for op-ed/feature contributors: links to your published op-eds/features on the net, or 1 op-ed/feature article that you think is good enough to publish on UV
  • for news-hound:  Description of how you plan to do news gathering, with a sampling of sources (with links) you will be watching (10-30 or more you think are important). Links to 15 interesting news items at the moment of application

If you have already worked for a well established mobile tech news site, or extensively covered mobile for general tech news site – just send us links to your work, and tell us why do you want to join UV.

Submit your application to jobs at unwiredview dot com. Do not send attachments, e-mails with attachments will be ignored.

Due to the large number of e-mails we receive, we will not be able to respond to every application. We will be collecting applications for a few days, and will get in touch if we are interested, next week. .

PS. Unless you worked/work for a well established mobile tech website and have a bunch of articles with your byline, please check carefully the things we ask you to submit with the application, and submit all of them as we ask.

If you are too lazy, or inattentive, or just too full of yourself , or don’t don’t care enough to read and follow job application instructions, we will be too lazy, inattentive, too full of ourselves too, won’t care about your application and will send it directly to our trash box.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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