Nokia E7 and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc show up at Vodafone UK’s website

The delayed Nokia E7 has just appeared over at Vodafone UK’s official website.

The carrier says the E7 is coming soon, without unveiling an exact date or a price.

A few days ago, we’ve reported that online retailer Expansys plans to sell the Nokia E7 in the UK starting April – so this may be the month when Vodafone will release it, too.

Another new smartphone that’s coming soon to Vodafone UK is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. Like in the case of the E7, we don’t know when and for how much the Arc will be sold by Vodafone. However, since O2 UK intends to launch it in April, it’s possible that Vodafone will also have it by then.

The bottom line: both the Nokia E7 and the Xperia Arc could hit Vodafone UK in two months from now, giving consumers the freedom to choose between a sleek, touch-only Android 2.3 smartphone, and a QWERTY slider based on Symbian. What would you choose?

Author: Florin

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