Samsung Galaxy Tab return rate actually below 2%

A couple of days ago, an analyst or “Wall Street firm” claimed that the return rate for the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the US was around 15%. We reported on that, as did the entire mobile-focused blogosphere.

But now Samsung has outright denied those allegations. Furthermore, according to the Korean manufacturer of the Galaxy Tab, the actual return rate for the tablet in the US is below 2%, which would put it very close to that of Apple’s iPad, also rumored to be around 2% (although Apple has never officially confirmed that number).

It’s unclear why someone would make false statements about such issues, but it looks like they have. And it’s good to see Samsung react quickly to such misinformation. If, indeed, it was that. Since we have no way of actually proving what the return rate for the product is, we’ll just have to trust Samsung on this one.

Via Samsung Tomorrow Via SlashGear

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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