Source: Android Ice Cream Will Be For Phones, Have Some Honeycomb Built-in

Should we expect to see Android Honeycomb show up on regular ol’ smartphones anytime in the future? That was the question of the day yesterday which Staska even wrote a hefty op-ed about, concluding that there would be no official 3.0 Honeycomb showing up on phones but future versions of Android should include some Honeycomb features. So we shouldn’t be planning on having pure Android 3.0 showing up on phones anytime soon.

Confirming Staska’s conclusion, however,  an exclusive story coming from Phandroid says that Mr. “A Trusted Source” close to the matter told them the next version of Android — nicknamed Ice Cream — will take bits and pieces of Honeycomb, slap it on a smartphone OS, and further confuse the heck out of everyone.

Here’s the scoop: Ice cream, code-named GRI17, is now in the process of being built, and will definitely be taking some of Honeycomb’s features and bringing it over to the smartphone. Sadly, no specifics have been given, though I’d like to see similar UI elements as well as RenderScript and hardware acceleration to help make a smoother experience.

There is still no word on when Ice Cream would come out, nor do we know what the version number will be (I’ve never really felt like the version number matters anyway, but my prediction is 3.1 since it will have bits and pieces of Honeycomb in it). Ice Cream will likely show up near the end of the year, since Google is trying to lengthen the time in between updates to reduce fragmentation and developer confusion.

We’ve got our Ice Cream radar on, so we’ll post updates as we get them.

via Phandroid

Author: Brad Molen

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