Verizon sells out early iPhones in hours, halts pre-orders

If for whatever reason you thought that the iPhone coming to Verizon was not a big deal, you’ll probably not be happy to find out how wrong you were.

For it turns out that Verizon has sold the entire quantity of iPhones they’ve allotted for pre-orders for existing customers yesterday. In two hours they’ve sold more units than in any entire first day of sales for any other device. Now they haven’t said exactly how many were sold, just that this was the most successful first day of sales in Verizon’s history. Now that’s saying something.

At 8:10 pm EST on February 3, Verizon ceased taking pre-orders for the iPhone. Pre-orders had started at 3 am that same day, so after only a little over 17 hours, your chance to get an iPhone if you were already a Verizon customer went away.

At least until February 10 that is, when Verizon will start selling iPhones to anyone who wants them, not just people who are already their customers.

And at this rate, expect February 10 to be another record-breaking sales day for Verizon. And for Apple as well.

Via Verizon

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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