Dell Venue Pro gets delayed again in the UK, will launch in March

The saga of the Dell Venue Pro‘s availability in the UK continues. Or better said, the saga of its continued delays just goes on and on. It’s becoming rather hilarious how Dell is unable to get its first and, as of yet only Windows Phone 7 device onto UK shores.

This smartphone was supposed to be in stores as far back as November, but that got pushed back thanks to some kind of MMS bug. And therefore the Venue Pro would arrive in stores by mid-February. Just before the end of January, we got encouraging news that the Venue Pro would arrive at one retailer in just a few days. You guessed it, that didn’t happen either.

So now another UK online retailer, Clove, has revealed that it’s expecting the first stock of the Venue Pro in ‘early March’. There’s no known reason for this delay, but at this rate, who knows when the phone will actually be in the hands of anyone living in the UK?

And it’s a shame, this situation, since this is the first and only WP7 device to feature a vertically-sliding QWERTY keyboard. Let’s hope it actually gets released at the beginning of March.

Via PocketNow

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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