This Week’s Contest Sponsor: Skullcandy

It’s time to give away more free stuff! This week we’re going to be featuring Skullcandy, a name that many of you have heard of, and if you haven’t heard of them you really ought to go check them out. Skullcandy has made some of the best quality wired headphones without forcing you to spend too much on them.

Skullcandy has a huge variety of different in-ear, on-ear and over-the-ear headphones that provide a wonderful experience when listening to your music. One of the best parts is that these headphones will work not only on iOS devices, but any device that takes a 3.5 mm jack. The company’s been around for 8 years now and is solidifying its place as one of the best headphone manufacturers in the US.

I wanted to partner with Skullcandy as one of our first giveaway sponsors because I currently own 2 of their products: the Full Metal Jacket (FMJ for short) and the Ink’d. The Ink’d, which happens to be the least expensive product in the lineup, still provides a good quality audio experience, and it only gets better with the other products offered. The FMJ is my headphone of choice when I really want to get lost in the music; with an 11 mm speaker diameter built-in to the FMJ’s I get an amazingly rich bass experience which rivals that of other more expensive over-ear headsets.

So with that introduction, here’s the details about the contest:

Skullcandy has graciously provided 3 headphones as prizes:

1 Holua  (a $99.95 value)

1 Full Metal Jacket in Shoe Blue ($69.95 value)

1 50/50 Shoe Blue ($49.95 value)

The deadline for entries is end of day Friday, no later than 11:59pm EST. Any entries afterward will not count.

How to enter:

1. Like our Facebook page

2. Go to our “weekly contest” section near the top of the page, and leave a comment telling us what you’re excited to see at Mobile World Congress in Spain next week, or give any predictions you have about what will be announced at the show.

That’s it. We’re making it pretty easy on you the first couple weeks, so take advantage of it while you can!

Author: Brad Molen

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