E7 is Nokia’s most important smartphone of 2011 “when looking at sales expectations”

Available in some markets starting this week (although initially it should have been released last year) the Nokia E7 is the Finnish company’s newest flagship smartphone.

Unsurprisingly, Nokia hopes that the launch of E7 will help it regain its lost smartphone market share, which slipped to 31% in the last quarter of 2010.

Reuters has it that a senior official at Nokia declared the following:

“The E7 is by far the most important model for us this year when looking at sales expectations.”

Unfortunately, there’s no word on just how many E7 handsets Nokia hopes to sell this year.

I kind of doubt the smartphone will be sold in more than 10 million units, though (like Samsung’s Galaxy S). First of all, because I don’t think there will be any major US carrier to sell it (the Galaxy S was / is offered by all four major operators in the US).

Secondly, the E7 is really expensive. In Finland, for example, it costs about €600 ($818). A similar price is listed by Amazon Germany, which sells the handset with a QWERTZ keyboard, not a QWERTY one.

Of course, there will be lots of carriers to offer the E7 at subsidized prices around the world. We’ll see how sales go later this year.

Author: Florin

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