T-Mobile to launch the Nokia X2-01 affordable QWERTY candybar on February 16?

Although Nokia has been having a hard time getting any of its phones sold (and subsidized by) any US carrier, T-Mobile in particular has been a bit more forthcoming to the Finnish manufacturer than the other big three. That doesn’t mean that you can find dozens of Nokia devices in the magenta carrier’s portfolio, but every now and then, it does launch a Nokia model.

And so it seems it will do again, on February 16, which is next Wednesday. A leaked internal document shows that TMo is going to carry the Nokia X2. That’s what TMo is calling it. Funnily enough, Nokia’s new dash-enhanced naming scheme has managed to confuse even T-Mobile, since the phone it’s going to launch is actually called Nokia X2-01. And it’s a very cheap QWERTY candybar. It’s not a smartphone and runs S40. Now the Nokia X2 is also a candybar, but there’s no QWERTY in sight over there. Perhaps this should serve as yet another wake up call for Nokia to drop their insane naming scheme. Who knows.

Anyway, there’s no more info about the X2-01’s arrival on T-Mobile other than what you can see in the above captures. But if it is going to get released next week, expect an official announcement very soon, along with what will probably prove to be the most important info of all for this phone: its price. That should be reasonably low (read:very low) to get anyone’s interest, so we’ll see how that goes.

Via Engadget

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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