Verizon delays HTC Thunderbolt indefinitely, even though dummy units are already in stores

Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt, one of the first 4G phones to be sold by Big Red, has apparently been delayed indefinitely. The phone was supposed to go on sale on February 14, but according to a leaked internal document, that’s not going to happen. Do take this with a grain of salt, but consider it nevertheless.

The leaked memo also speaks of ‘HTC created elements’ that will arrive this week, but are not to be shown to customers. Those may include HTC Thunderbolt dummy units, which have begun arriving at Verizon stores.

No actual devices, though, just dummies. As for when the Thunderbolt will become available, there’s no info as of yet. The reasons for the delay are a bit mushy too. It may have something to do with the Wi-Fi hotspot not working or not working properly, or it may not. We may never know. Let’s just hope Verizon and HTC get their act together soon and release this puppy. It would be a pity not to.

Interestingly enough, the Verizon 4G mobile hotspot, which was supposed to launch on February 17, has also been delayed.

Via Droid-Life here and here

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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