#MWC11: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play hands-on video

As you may have heard earlier today, Sony Ericsson has officially announced the Xperia Play – the world’s first PlayStation certified smartphone.

I’ve just been at SE’s MWC 2011 press conference where the Xperia Play was presented alongside other two new Android 2.3 Gingerbread handsets: the Xperia Pro and Xperia Neo (we’ll talk about them a bit later).

The only thing that surprised me regarding the Xperia Play – given the fact that we already knew a lot about it – was the way Rikko Sakaguchi, Chief Creation Officer of Sony Ericsson, presented it, namely as the “best smartphone ever.” Yes, the handset may combine communication and entertainment in a perfect way (although many will disagree), but the thing is that there is no “best smartphone.” And there will never be one – because it should be a device which answers the needs of any random smartphone user. And that’s just not possible.

Anyway, back to the Xperia Play. One of its biggest selling points is, of course, its sliding (and very PSP-like) gamepad, and the fact that it provides access to PlayStation games – which will be available for download via Android Market (a few titles will come preloaded on the phone).

I’ve played a bit with the Xperia Play, and I must say it’s a quite nice piece of hardware – the touchscreen (4 inch, FWVGA) is very responsive, the sliding mechanism works smooth, and the gamepad won’t disappoint anyone. The gamepad does make the phone thick (16mm), and also a bit heavy (175 grams). However, the handset feels good in hand anyway, so that’s not such a big deal. Unless, of course, for some reason you really need your smartphone to be thin and lightweight.

Games do look great on the Xperia Play, thanks to the Adreno GPU graphics processor that can provide 60fps play-back 3D gaming.

Check out the smartphone in the hands-on video below, and in more photos just after it:

There will be an optional dock for the Xperia Play that lets you use it as a clock (and not only):

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will be available starting next month (March). One of the first countries to get the new smartphone is the US, where Verizon Wireless is getting ready to release it. SE didn’t announce how much the Xperia Play would cost, but I’m pretty sure Verizon will offer it for about $200 on contract.

Author: Florin

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