Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Reaches 8000 App Milestone; Quickly Approaching 10K

For a brand new first-gen OS platform, Microsoft has put its Marketplace in a very good position. In just a matter of 3 months the number of available apps has shot up to more than 8,000. At the pace it’s going, it will likely reach the 10,000 app milestone in under 2 weeks from now. This is amazing growth, and is likely to continue growing exponentially.

To compare the WP7 growth to that of Android and the App Store, it took more than 11 months for Android’s market to reach the 10K milestone and is running at a similar pace as iPhone’s App Store at launch, reaching the 10K mark within 5 months.

Below we have included a real-time chart showing how rapidly the Marketplace has grown since November:

windows phone 7 applications

In the next chart, we see the Marketplace’s growth in just the last 2 weeks:

windows phone 7 applications

WMPowerUser brought up a very good point: the WP7 Marketplace added almost 1000 apps in the last 2 weeks, but we should see that number increase significantly now that Microsoft and Nokia have partnered together and developers see a much more global potential for their apps in WP7.

via WMPowerUser

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Dirk Lueders

    You also must take into consideration that there are many more developers now than when Apple and Android first came to be used.