WSJ: iPhone Nano, MobileMe Overhauls Coming

I’ll be honest: when the Wall Street Journal reported last fall that Verizon would be getting an iPhone in January/February of this year, I had some huge doubts about it. After years of hearing these kinds of rumors, I just felt it was another one of those rumors. Obviously I had to eat my words and swallow my pride. Now the Journal has some fresh information to give out about what Apple will be introducing at WWDC in early June, and it involves a smaller form factor, in the form of an iPhone Nano.

This new smaller iPhone would likely be sold alongside the regular iPhones, which we presume will be the new iPhone 5 and a bargain version of the iPhone 4.

The WSJ reported that the Nano would be intended to reach a broader audience, thus aiding in their ability to compete against juggernauts like Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. It would be sold at a lower price point than the other iPhones.

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According to the source, the prototype they saw was much lighter than the iPhone 4 and had an edge-to-edge screen (goodbye home button?) along with voice-based navigation.

To further back up the WSJ’s claim, Bloomberg last week also reported that Apple was working on a smaller iPhone that would be sold for $200 with no contract.

In addition to this piece of news, the WSJ also reported that Apple has been working on a massive MobileMe overhaul, which should come to fruition right about the same time the new iPhones do this summer. MobileMe would become a free service that acts as a “locker” for music, videos and photos, and would allow for wireless syncing of the user’s iTunes library. This would significantly reduce the user’s dependance on a lot of storage space.

Not only would cloud syncing play a significant role, but so would social networking.

I also think there could be an interesting correlation between a music-syncing MobileMe service and a cheaper iPhone; obviously if Apple can limit the amount of storage space in an iPhone by offering a service that lets you store all that space remotely, they will save a lot more in manufacturing costs and thus can sell the iPhone for a lower price tag.

While these products should be coming out this summer at WWDC, plans are always subject to change depending on if they are ready for the spotlight or not. However, if the WSJ is reporting these rumors, there is much higher probability that it will be coming sooner rather than later. And I do not believe it is a coincidence that this news arrived on the same exact week as Mobile World Congress; Apple has a unique way of stealing the show even when they are not exhibiting or presenting at that show. After all, the Verizon iPhone was the big talk of CES even though Apple wasn’t even there for it.

via Wall Street Journal

Author: Brad Molen

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