Motorola Pro hands-on at #MWC11

I could probably write an entire post just ranting about Motorola’s apparent lack of interest towards the Pro, at least compared to the Xoom. This has resulted in all three of the Pros that were on display being in an area in which the lighting choices were anything but camera-friendly, as you’ll undoubtedly gather from the embedded video that you can find below.

But instead, let us focus on the Motorola Pro itself. This is basically the smartphone we know as the Verizon Droid Pro by Motorola with its CDMA network chip switched for an HSPA-based solution. Everything else is the same, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The Motorola Pro stands alone in a space of its own in the smartphone world, with its unique form-factor merging a QWERTY keyboard with a touchscreen without any sliding elements.

This phone was designed to be appealing to corporate customers, and that’s obvious even from its aforementioned form factor. The Pro also has extensive corporate-friendly features, such as a Motorola-customized Exchange ActiveSync solution, remote wipe of the device memory as well as the SD card, complex password support, and integrated VPN. Quickoffice is naturally preinstalled to serve all your office document viewing and editing needs on the go.

Of course, nothing is stopping text-addicted teenagers from picking up the Pro, but something tells me that this phone will mainly please those in corporate environments – employees, for they can have a very capable smartphone, and network admins as well, for said smartphone does not compromise on security. A win-win, in other words. At least on paper. We’ll see how it does out there in the real world in Europe soon.

Till then, you can check out the following quick demo video (blurriness courtesy of Motorola’s choice of display lighting):

And here are some live pictures:

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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