Fujitsu is prepping an Android-powered dual-touchscreen smartphone. Live pics and video from #MWC11

The Kyocera Echo for Sprint may be the world’s first dual-touchscreen Android smartphone, but it won’t be the only one for long. Fujitsu is already working on such a device, and it will apparently be out sometime in the following months (no specific time frame was given).

Fujitsu has a dual-touchscreen smartphone on display at its booth at Mobile World Congress, but it isn’t running Android. Yet. Let me explain.

What you see below is a dual-touchscreen smartphone running the version of Symbian that’s extensively used for phones being sold in Japan. Take a good long look at that chassis, and pay particular attention to its Transformers-like foldability, for this chassis (or something very similar) will be used in Fujitsu’s first dual-touchscreen Android-powered device.

And here we have some live pics of the progress Fujitsu has made so far in optimizing Android for smart two-screen use. Please keep in mind that what you see in the images below isn’t an actual device. In fact, they’re just a couple of screens in an enclosure, only meant to showcase the software. As I mentioned before, the final hardware for Fujitsu’s Android phone will either be identical with or very similar to what they have running Symbian at the moment.

Here’s a hands-on demo video of both the hardware and the software:

The full live pics gallery follows.

Dual-touchscreen devices are certainly just a novelty right now, but in the future, depending on how the market responds to these first ones, we may be seeing a lot more of them around. There certainly are many interesting use-cases for two screens, and some of them do make a smartphone a lot easier to use, as you could see in the embedded video above.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Fujitsu’s progress with their dual-touchscreen Android offering.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    See? That looks much nicer than the Kyocera Echo for Sprint. Hopefully it comes to the States.