HTC Wildfire S live pictures and hands-on video at #MWC11

The third of the three rehashes of past HTC phones powered by the letter “S” is the Wildfire S. Joining the Desire S and the Incredible S in HTC’s lineup, this phone is noticeably smaller than either of those, for it has the same screen size as its predecessor, the original Wildfire. However, HTC has decided to finally repair what was the biggest mistake it made with regard to the Wildfire, and the resolution of the Wildfire S has been bumped to 480×320. That is well suited for the 3.2-inch screen, unlike the paltry QVGA (320×240) affair we’ve had in the original.

The Wildfire S also seems a bit smaller than the Wildfire, and it’s very light. The camera is still a 5-megapixel affair, and the Wildfire S will be running Android 2.4 Gingerbread when it launches, just like the other two “S” phones that HTC has announced today. The Wildfire’s 1230 mAh battery doesn’t sound very impressive, but consider that the Desire HD, with its monstrous 4.3-inch screen has the same capacity, and you’ll perhaps see that the Wildfire S may have better battery life than the Desire HD. Still, HTC needs to get its battery act together fast.

If priced correctly (read:cheaper than the Wildfire was when released), the Wildfire S may sell very well. It’s definitely a looker, and it seems that there will be a few different colors to choose from, which should go well with the kids. However, if HTC decides to charge 300 euros or more for this device when it launches, as it did with the original Wildfire, the sales numbers may not turn out to be that great, or at least not as good as they could be. We’ll see which way it goes.

Here’s a quick hands-on demo video of the Wildfire S:

And some more pictures of this appealing little device:

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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