iPhone 5 Now Rumored to Feature a 4-inch Display, A5 Dual-Core Processor

Though the source of the rumor can be hit and miss, we do find the timing of any new iPhone rumors during the middle of Mobile World Congress quite captivating. DigiTimes reported earlier today that Apple is not only looking to release a smaller iPhone as reported by Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, but also a larger-sized iPhone 5 as well to make a bigger difference between screen sizes.

Using a 4-inch display instead of the standard 3.5-inch, DigiTimes reports, would help Apple compete with a surging Android market which sees more and more 4- to 7-inch screens released every day.

These rumors are completely unsubstantiated at this particular time, but they do correspond eerily well with the reports of the iPhone Nano. Quite honestly, could this mean that the rumors we heard last week about an iPad 3 coming later this year (in a quite possibly different screen size than the current iPad) have some merit as well? This year could theoretically mark a drastic change in the iOS environment, if this is the case.

An additional report from DigiTimes also says that iPhone 5 will have an A5 processor built-in, which likely would be a dual-core processor.

via DigiTimes

Author: Brad Molen

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