#MWC11: Motorola Atrix may arrive in Europe in March

File this under ‘rumored, but from a rather reliable source’. Remember the Motorola Atrix, the Android-powered superphone that AT&T likes to call ‘4G’? Are you in Europe and possibly drooling over its impressive specsheet?

Well, while roaming through Motorola’s booth at Mobile World Congress, I came across an interesting bit of info. According to a Motorola staff member, the Atrix will be arriving in Europe in March. In fact, some of the Atrix devices on display at the booth had Movistar (Telefonica’s Spanish mobile network brand) SIMs inside and working, as you can see from the live picture below.

Motorola hasn’t yet said anything official about this, even if it has managed to somehow make time to announce the Pro for Europe. But, in theory, making a Europe-bound Atrix version isn’t that hard. Since this phone is GSM and HSPA-based, which are also the prevailing technologies outside of the US, at most Motorola will have to swap the bands that the handset supports. And, compared to swapping a CDMA chip for an HSPA one, that’s child’s play.

So will we see the Motorola Atrix in Europe in March? It’s impossible to know for sure at this point, but it sounds a lot more likely now than it did yesterday. Either way, the fact that the Atrix is going to be eventually available in Europe is pretty much a given by now.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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