Dell tablet roadmap also leaks, shows four Android and two Windows tablets

The smartphone roadmap for 2011 was not the only Dell-related leak of the day. In fact, this was a pretty bad day for those in charge of corporate secrets over at Dell, since their tablet roadmap for this year and the first quarter of next year has also made it onto the interwebs.

In it we see that, just like with smartphones, Dell will focus on operating systems made by Google and Microsoft for its tablets. So let’s start with the latter. Since Microsoft is clearly against Windows Phone 7 running on anything other than, you know, phones, Dell’s Windows tablets will get the desktop version of Windows.

The Rosemount will be out in June and it will run Windows 7. Its touchscreen’s resolution will be 1366×768. In January 2012 (probably to be unveiled at CES), the Peju will join it – this device will run Windows 8, apparently.

On the Android side, the first new tablet from Dell this year will be the Gallo. It will run Honeycomb and will be released in April. The Dell Sterling, also running Honeycomb, will be joining the Gallo in Dell’s portfolio in October. The Dell Opus One and Dell Silver Oak will join Dell’s Android tablet party in January of next year, and, you guessed it, they’re also slated to run Honeycomb, although that’s rather unlikely by that time, since an even newer version of Android should become available before that. We’ll see.

Via Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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