Angry Birds Coming to Windows Phone; 3D Version in the Works

Your favorite lovable vengeance-seeking birds have dominated iOS, Android, Symbian, and WebOS. The two major OS platforms it has yet to reach is Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. While there are no major plans as of this moment to develop for Blackberry, it turns out that Rovio is keeping busy by getting a Windows Phone 7 version ready to see the light of day.

This may be rather surprising to some, as Rovio and Microsoft have a history. When WP7 was first launched, Microsoft used the Angry Birds logo in the marketing scheme and did not consult Rovio before doing so. Lawsuits were filed and the two companies reached terms, but it’s hard to believe that their differences are being worked out this quickly.

Of course, working things out may have been expedited as a result of last week’s announcement that Nokia is switching from MeeGo/Symbian as its main platform and moving to WP7 as its preferred smartphone OS.

There is no anticipated date of launch.

Rovio also confirmed to Pocket-lint that a 3D version of Angry Birds is currently in progress, and is likely a collaboration of Rovio and Pixelgene, a 3G gaming company Rovio acquired in 2006. It makes sense then that, given Rovio’s experience with 3D games already, Angry Birds would be the next logical step. Please, Rovio, don’t make us wear the glasses to play Angry Birds though!

We can’t wait to see what happens!

via Pocket-lint

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Karan Mehta


    Well said in the review. Angry birds game is everywhere. and now its coming to Windows Phone 7 also which will almost complete the OS platforms. Good Job.

    Karan Mehta