New York Times Says Apple Not Planning on iPhone Nano

This is certainly becoming quite hard to keep track now. We just don’t know who to believe.

We first heard last week from Bloomberg that Apple had developed a prototype of a smaller iPhone that’s a third smaller than the current iPhone 4. Then Wall Street Journal came out shortly afterward and confirmed a smaller iPhone that’s half the size of the iPhone 4, saying that it could very well be launched this summer alongside a larger, 4-inch iPhone 5 as a method of competing against the blossoming Android devices sprouting up all over the place. Now, our heads are being turned in a different direction as the NYT claimed earlier that Apple is not actually working on a smaller iPhone, contrary to popular belief.

Here is everything the New York Times mentioned in its article:

  • Apple is hard at work on the iPhone 5, which should be similar in size to the iPhone 4
  • Apple will continue selling older models at a discounted price
  • Multiple iPhones in multiple sizes make it much harder for developers to write, and forces them to redo code anytime something new comes out
  • Apple also plans to improve voice command features
  • Confirming the WSJ, the company is building a free version of MobileMe that is more versatile than the paid one, allowing customers to sync content across all of their iOS devices

So even though Apple isn’t planning on a smaller iPhone, they have plenty of other perks up their sleeve, as well as any other secret plans that we just haven’t been told about yet.

Especially with two legitimate sources mentioning a iPhone Nano prototype is circling around campus, this new article certainly gives us more to think about. One company is right, one is wrong. Who will come out victorious, and who will be crying? Feel free to place your bets. It really just goes to show that nobody actually knows what Apple is planning. I have a feeling that all 3 news agencies had sources give out the information they knew to be right, but some were fed wrong information along the way to keep us news hounds intrigued!

via AppleInsider

Author: Brad Molen

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