HTC Thunderbolt’s price to be $249 or $299 (on contract)

Verizon has still not announced the official price of the HTC Thunderbolt, although the new Android smartphone’s launch date is getting closer and closer.

Thankfully, BestBuy has included the Thunderbolt in its latest buyer’s guide (check out page 8). According to the guide, the handset will cost $299 with a new 2-yr contract agreement – just like Verizon’s iPhone 4 32GB.

Now, we may be talking about Verizon’s first 4G LTE smartphone here, but $299 on contract is unexpectedly expensive.

Sure enough, this price is by no means confirmed. Even more, BGR reports that there’s another BestBuy flyer which shows the price to be only $249.99.

The Thunderbolt should become available starting February 28 – we’ll see then if it’s going to cost $299, or $249 (or maybe less, but I doubt it).

Via Droid-life

Author: Florin

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  • Glandgraf

    my best buy flyer yesterday showed 249

  • lbcary

    Finally u Verizon folks can hav a device as good as the Evo,mayb even a little nicer,unless it comes with the gen. 2 Snapdragon processor.Even wen i rootd & then OC’d the Evo Shifts 2nd gen 800mhz processor it couldnt compare to a stock,unrooted Evo. The 2nd gen 800mhz Scorpion,Snapdragon,processors are simply not as fast,no matter how u tweak em. Ill wait til HTC releases a new device without the,inferior & cheaper,gen 2 processors.Had an HTC Incr & loved it.Switchd to Sprint,joind family plan,& got the Evo Shift 1st.It couldnt evn compare to my Incredible.Even after rooting & OCing the Shift it still wasnt near as fast as my Incr.So i switched to the original Evo,which is just as fast stock,as my rooted Incr. was on Verizon,& thats on Sprints network,without 4G. No 4G in my area yet. HTC’s only mistake is using qualcomms 2nd gen Scorpion processors. They shouldve used Qualcomms 3rd or 4th gen Scorpion processors,bcuz the 2nd gens are slow & lag more than the original Snapdragons.

  • stephen

    A bb representative yesterday told me that the phone will be $249 and even showed me the printout that goes below the display model that showed the $249 price tag. Also if you go to the best buy website and click through their flash advertisement on the top of their home page until you get to the section that says “Upgrade to a smartphone with 4G speed” and hover over the Thunderbolt it shows a price of $249.

  • stephen

    You are comparing the 800mz processor in the shift to a 1ghz processor in the Thunderbolt though. This should theoretically be faster than the EVO. This is a comparison video of both phones (unrooted) and doesn’t necessarily prove that the Thunderbolt is faster than the EVO but it is positive evidence that leans in that direction.

  • John Vantine

    When I preordered mine (on Feb 6th), they told me it’d be $200.

  • Jason L

    Returned my BB preorder yesterday, too. I can handle the delays; I’d rather be patient and have things set right. I’m not comfortable with Best Buy & Verizon failing to commit to specs. Yes, I want the phone, but not unconditionally. I don’t care to give the vendors carte blanche to set price or application support.

  • Jorge

    Not Cool.Raising The Price Once Best Buy Has Locked In Pre-Orders

  • Paul

    I just spoke with Best Buy, and also viewed their Online AD – HTC Thunderbolt @ $249 w/2 year contract.

    Pretty sure the FTC would jump on them if they changed that, especially since BB has accepted deposits for the phone at this advertised price.

  • Chris

    There will probably be even better deals online. Generally the high-end phones only stay at $250 for a few weeks, if that, before falling in price online. will list online thunderbolt sales when the phone is available.