HP TouchPad Could Come as Early as April

Where I live, April is definitely not part of the Summer, though I really wish it is.

If new rumors from DigiTimes are to be believed, HP is planning to launch the TouchPad — its WebOS tablet debut — in April, with shipments sent out late March. Originally HP announced the TouchPad would be available in the summer, which would mean its biggest competitors would get a huge advantage by getting to market much sooner. iPad 2 and Android Honeycomb tablets will all be primed and pushing units out at full force before the summer comes around, so it’s in HP’s best interest to get the TouchPad out as soon as it can.

The question is: will the hardware/software be completely ready by then? Certainly HP won’t want to push out WebOS 3.0 before it’s completely ready, so we are definitely taking this rumor with a grain of salt.

DigiTimes also reports that HP is planning to ship 45-48 million notebooks and tablets during 2011; by looking at previous notebook-only estimates, we can safely assume  4-5 million tablets will be shipped.

via DigiTimes via PreCentral

Author: Brad Molen

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