Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 update bricks some Samsung Omnia 7 handsets

As reported yesterday, Microsoft has started pushing its first software update to Windows Phone 7 devices – a minor update that’s being released only “to improve the software update process itself” in preparation of future (more important) updates.

Usually, minor updates are hassle-free, but it looks like that’s not the case for some Samsung Omnia 7 users.

There have been complaints (mainly on Twitter – see here, here, or here) that the software update not only fails to complete on the Omnia 7, but it also bricks the smartphone.

According to Zdnet, Microsoft is “aware of this issue and is looking into these reports.”

Until Microsoft issues an official statement on this, the::unwired has a list of things that you can do to recover your recently-updated WP7 handset. Good luck with that.

Author: Florin

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