Nokia C7 now only €299 at Amazon Germany, £299 at Amazon UK

Nokia C7 isn’t the most expensive Symbian smartphone around (the E7 is), but I still haven’t seen it being offered for less than €300. Well, not until today.

Amazon Germany sells the C7 unlocked for only €299,89 – a substantial discount, considering the initial price (€429).

The Nokia C7 shares many of its features with the N8 flagship, including the 680 MHz ARM 11 processor and the Broadcom BCM2727 GPU.  It doesn’t have an HDMI port, though, and neither a 12MP camera.

Amazon UK also offers the C7 for a slightly discounted price: £299.99 (about €356), which is £9 lower than the smartphone’s price listed by Nokia UK’s online shop.

Now, how about a Windows Phone 7 handset priced under €300, dear Nokia?

Author: Florin

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