US Cellular has a buy one, get five free promotion for Android smartphones

Buy one, get one free offers, also known as BOGO, are rather common in the US. From time to time a carrier will have one of these, either for all its phones, or just for smartphones. If you buy a certain device, you’ll get another unit for free. Also quite popular are BOGA offers, where you buy one device, and can get any other device in that carrier’s portfolio (provided it’s not more expensive than the phone you’ve paid for) for free.

But what US Cellular has done now is really up the ante. It is running a Buy One, Get Five Free promotion that’s simply too good to be true. But it is true. Well, with one caveat.

See, you can buy a smartphone, say the Android-powered Samsung Mesmerize (US Cellular’s version of the Galaxy S), and you can get up to five LG Optimus U devices (also Android-powered). Or you can buy an Optimus U, and get up to five additional ones for free.

So you got the catch: you won’t be getting the highest-end device in US Cellular’s portfolio, the Samsung Mesmerize, for free. Yet the LG Optimus U is plenty capable for a midrange offering, and is a very good deal at free.

The offer is valid through March 10. A Samsung Mesmerize will set you back $99.99, and an LG Optimus U costs $29.99.

There’s also a similar offer for featurephones, or “popular messaging phones”, as US Cellular likes to call them. You can buy a Samsung Messager Touch for $29.99 and get up to five free Samsung Profile handsets.

US Cellular has also cut prices for its entire Android lineup, making the HTC Desire $69.99, the LG Apex $29.99 and the Samsung Acclaim is now free.

Via IntoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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